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    How to feed the world

    A UN survey predicts that by 2050 the planet will have 10 billion people, increasingly concentrated in urban centers. The challenge is to provide food for the entire population. Bosch solutions offer alternatives to increase agricultural production more efficiently and less impact on the environment.

  • All Connected
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    All Connected

    Everyday technologies talk to each other and connect people. Bosch develops solutions that make this possible. From mining, industry, logistics to sensors inside your cell phone.

  • Sustainability

    Connected for more sustainability

    With "Technology for Life", we guarantee the long-term success of our company. At the same time, we contribute to protecting the environment for present and future generations.

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    A new tomorrow

    It is exhilarating to be able to watch great changes. Bosch is connecting the real and physical worlds, working on sensor technology, software and services - For users, everything will be as simple as possible: Simple. Connected.

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    Bosch App Center

    Bosch Apps Diversity

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2018-03-06 | Argentina | Product News

Bosch dice presente en Hello Wood

Buenos Aires, Argentina. 05.03.20018 – Bosch, proveedor global de tecnología y servicios, realizó una ... more

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2018-01-26 | Argentina |

Bosch se asocia con HERE para una movilidad más conectada

Buenos Aires, 22 de Enero 2018 – Bosch, proveedor global de tecnología y servicios, anuncia la compra de un ... more

2018-01-10 | Argentina |

Bosch apuesta por las ‘smart cities’ como negocio de futuro

La compañía presenta soluciones inteligentes para una mejor calidad del aire y una mayor seguridad y confort ... more

2017-12-20 | |

Bosch continúa fortaleciendo su red de alianzas en materia de inversión social

Buenos Aires, 19 de noviembre de 2017 - Bosch, proveedor global de tecnología y servicios, realizó una alianza ... more


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A distinctive corporate culture, exciting work, anywhere in the world - working for Bosch is special.

Bosch Solutions

Bosch Solutions

Be it a live concert, a hotel room or a mining facility; Bosch technology is everywhere!

Purchasing and Logistics

Purchasing and Logistics

We have clear ideas for successful partnerships with our customers and suppliers. The result is close, long-term relationships.

Bosch App Center

Bosch App Center

See how Bosch is inspiring new ways to work and live. The Bosch App Center is your complete directory of official apps from around the company.


Explore Bosch

Sede Bosch Argentina

Sede Bosch Argentina

Blanco Encalada 250 - B1642AMQ

San Isidro - Buenos Aires

Teléfonos de contacto:

0800 4444-26724

011 5296-5200


Bosch en Expoagro 2018

Lo invitamos a visitar nuestro stand en ExpoAgro

Del 13 al 16 de Marzo en RN 9, KM 225, San Nicolás, Buenos Aires.

El horario de la exposición es de 8:30 a 18:30 hs.

Más Información

Sistemas Térmicos Bosch, la mayor eficiencia térmica del mercado

Quiere mejorar la eficiencia de su empresa y reducir costos operativos?

Bosch lo invita a inscribirse en el Fondo Argentino de Eficiencia Energetica (FAEE) y renovar sus calderas industriales.

Más Información

Tel: 011-5296-5205


Mobility Solutions

Bosch presents its innovative solutions for mobility.

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